Target’s Buyer Personas


Target is a company that knows and understands it’s buyer persona very well and knows that they are very tech savvy by the apps Target has pushed out over the years such as Cartwheel. They also know and understand women are the driving force of the purchases made within their stores.


The first buyer persona I will introduce is the Millennial Mom (1982-1995), age ranges from 23 to 36. In terms of family, they may be married or in a committed relationship, and they have children who are extremely impressionable around the age of 5 and younger. Their household income on average is around 75K a year. 2-car household, Millennial Moms often will drive an SUV or a sedan. Most importantly they are always on the go, which makes the Target grocery section and Starbucks ideal. Social media of choice is Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

The second buyer persona is Generation Z (1995 and up), who are age 23 and younger. They are either college bound, or in college. They are creative and enjoys DIY. 1-car. Parent are still the current means of income, so they are the buyers with disposable income. May/may not have a job. No children. Social Media of choice is Snapchat and YouTube.



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