Nike Push For Equality



When I think about a brand that does amazing work at conveying a message without actually trying to sell anything, Nike is often the brand that comes to mind. The often go above and beyond with getting their message across without verbally pushing the products.

In this video, Equality is one of these video in which they are attempting to convey that equality should be everywhere and that everyone should have the same opportunity.

What makes the video appealing is that it speaks on the dream for equality for everyone regardless of race, gender or other labels that is are used as a way to separate. However this video does also represents the current climate going on and the video’s comments and views shows the divide that has been going on.

This video was release two months ago and has 4,665,468 views with 20,621 thumbs up and 10,383 thumbs down, with a comment section filled with trolls that is mostly negative and hateful. So while not the majority of the comments currently may not agree that the video was inspirational, there are still some that do see the beauty and the story Nike was trying to achieve.

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