Doing Content-Rich Content Right with Wired

A content-rich site helps to engage the target audience and keeps them coming back. To be able to keep people coming back, it needs updated content, it’s need visuals, and it needs to be shareable.

For myself, Wired is a website is one I would consider as a content-rich site that I keep coming back to. Wired is originally known as a magazine that keeps the public up to date with technology culture as a whole. So there’s substance, and reasons to read if you are a person like me who is the constant need to stay connected to technology world.

It’s important for Wired to be one of the leaders in creating an engaging content-rich site, not only with articles from their magazines but also with additional blogs, articles, podcasts, pictures, and videos without feeling overwhelming and categorized to fit the interest of the reader. The main menu bar is simple and clean in design to hold the different portions featured in Wired but there is a another side menu that showcase not only the magazine which is featured in a reverse design to it’s blogging counterpart but a photo and video gallery which feels like a kid on their birthday opening presents.


Visually, It’s just right. The layouts, the typography, photos and videos work in terms of organizations. I mean even the advertisements and the share social media buttons aren’t as invasive which is extremely important in today’s digital world.

Overall, their transition from print to web is probably one of the best in my opinion and really is a great example of what content-rich sites should aspire to be.


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