Lisa Frank Collabs with Glamour Dolls to Create Makeup Line

Lisa Frank, businesswoman and artist famous for her colorful artwork in the 80’s and 90’s, teams up with indie brand, Glamour Dolls to create an affordable, cruelty-free and vegan makeup line. “Makeup is art. Lisa’s designs are masterpieces,” Owner and Co-Founder of Glamour Dolls Makeup, Jessica Romano wrote.

On Thursday, February 16, Glamour Dolls launched a Kickstarter campaign announcing the collaboration via YouTube beauty vlogger, Kandee Johnson.  “The first line Lisa Frank has done specifically geared towards adults,” Johnson said.

According to the Kickstarter, the companies has tripled their initial goal of $30,000 and is planning to launch at least six products, including a lip balm, matte mouse, liquid liner, unicorn lip gloss, highlight powder, and a vegan leather makeup bag to their backers.


Glamour Dolls|Kickstarter

Backers to the campaign will also be involved in the process by voting on the names and shades in the Lisa Frank collaboration. “It made sense to bring these two worlds together. The only thing that’s left is you. We want to bring you along for this glittery ride and keep your pout perfect for the whole trip,” Romano wrote.

442845d1f6e0bd0f6a637ffe78301b6f_originalGlamour Dolls

In addition, Glamour Dolls x Lisa Frank collaboration has released an angled pink ombré brush covered in Lisa Frank unicorns is available for pre-order directly on their website for $4.99.

The Kickstarter launch products may be made available by September of this year. The campaign closes on April 2.

Download PDF version here


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