Connecting in Real Time

Real time communication in the world of social media is extremely important for brands to utilize. Aside from keeping customers informed; it can create a bond and brand loyalty.

Airline Company, JetBlue is an amazing company that has been able to utilize real time communication, whether it was in accordance with holidays, events, two way communications on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or even being informative as they were recently when informing customers of a scam. The fact that they are active and proactive on their social media shows in the customers loyalty.

While two-way communication is one of their strength, as an airline company, they will always receive far more complaints than an average brand so addressing them as they come and not brushing it under the rug is extremely important to keep customer loyalty.

As with the case with a recent incident on one of their flights involving a passenger and the customers wanting JetBlue to release his information that is picking up on the social media sites. There many different ways for JetBlue to address it, but informing the customers that they are aware and looking into it, is probably the best route to go.

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