Unboxing Trends Creates Viral Craze

Unboxing videos is a viral trend on social media that has kicked off various brands. There have been many reason as to why unboxing is a phenomenon but one of the main factors is that people really want to know “What’s in the box?” Another reason is because the vloggers are regular average people who are just like them that curious prospective consumers can relate to verses being someone who is directly working for the company and seems completely bias about the brand. Types are products that have seen as increase in sales due to the correlation to viral unboxing videos are blind box toys that kids become hooked on watching and beauty subscription boxes such as Ipsy and Birchbox.

Ipsy and Birchbox is a subscription box or bag service which sends a box of a variety of different makeups to consumers. Both brands were able to grow due to vloggers posting unboxing videos of what was inside box or bag each month.

For Ipsy, the response was so overwhelming, they had to create a subscriber wait list which can take months due to the high demand for the subscription bag. Ipsy, which is created by YouTube vlogger, Michelle Phan attributes their high sales to the vloggers that showcases their subscription bag through unboxing and reviews and further encourages subscribers to post on various social media in a way to generate interest through online word of mouth.

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