Brands in Social Media’s Good Graces


In a world where social media king, brands need to know how to get their message across to consumers. As a consumer who floats around the internet looking for the next big thing, it’s very important for brands to spark interest in order for consumers to become invested in their brand.

Interest can be spark in many different ways: informative, emotional, and my all time favorite humor. In the past, brands have utilized one-way methods of communicating their brands to the consumers and that would have been their image. However now with social media brands are now expected to be able utilize two-way communication going beyond just a brand image but adding personality, because ultimately, consumers will now look at how brands are communicating with the general public and the overall tone.

My top three favorite brands that I believe do a great job at delivering their messages on social media:



Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Tumblr

Denny’s social media accounts have personality; it may be unique,weird, and hilarious but it works for the target demographic that visits their chain of restaurants in the wee hours of the night or what I would call the Adult Swim crowd, who look for that unique weird humor in their brands.

In the last couple months, the Denny’s Tumblr account has gone viral and gain notoriety with their post and responses. Followers on the social media account can’t wait to see what happens next.

Denny’s Twitter account also plays it cool by utilizing their account by being part and connected to the Twitter community verses being a company with a Twitter account where it’s not only about marketing it’s about connecting with their target market and filling up the diner.



Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Tumblr

Netflix’s social media likes to combined humor while being informative. Their post and responses to the general public are usually based off of videos streaming on their application.

Whether it’s a gif or a quote from a movie or tv show, they’re using it. It’s one of my brands to talk to because it sparks enough interest in me to go watch Netflix without being pushy, because who needs cable, right?



Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Tumblr

Dove’s social media accounts takes an more emotional approach in connecting with their audience by promoting healthy beauty standards for all, especially women. In a world where we are often judged by how you look, Dove offers a fresher perceptive and two-way communication with the help of health experts to improve their consumers’ idea of themselves in regards to beauty.

Currently, Dove’s use of #RaiseTheBeautyBar is an ode to their product but also a way of opening conversation about how people feel about beauty and to help promote changes against negative beauty standards.




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