Brands in Social Media’s Good Graces


In a world where social media king, brands need to know how to get their message across to consumers. As a consumer who floats around the internet looking for the next big thing, it’s very important for brands to spark interest in order for consumers to become invested in their brand.

Interest can be spark in many different ways: informative, emotional, and my all time favorite humor. In the past, brands have utilized one-way methods of communicating their brands to the consumers and that would have been their image. However now with social media brands are now expected to be able utilize two-way communication going beyond just a brand image but adding personality, because ultimately, consumers will now look at how brands are communicating with the general public and the overall tone.

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Hello COMM 3370!

こんにちはみんなさん、初めまして。(Hello Everyone, Nice to meet you.)

Welcome to my blog for COMM 3370 class.


My name is Kimberly. I am currently a senior at UMSL, dual major in Japanese and Communication. I would eventually like to work for a global communication firm working with international businesses and organizations who can speak at least ten languages.

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